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Better Fast Internet Options for Rural Areas

There is an estimate of almost seventy percent of rural areas not having internet access and if they do then it is probably a very low-speed internet. This low speed could be in the form of dial-ups. The complaints of people living in the rural areas having slow Internet is not a new thing. Even though given internet solutions can be provided, they come with a lot of restrictions. A good example is the restriction in rural parts of United States where your house has to have a clear view of the southern sky.

There are possibly many ways that can be used to solve the cases that involve the internet in the rural areas. Low internet has been a major problem people in the rural areas face. This only adds up to two things; either they do not know how to go about it or there is no solution that looks good for them. Getting internet could not be cheap to everyone. It is not the same case as in the urban areas where you’ll need a few cables, and you are good to go. You have to know that it will take more than what you would have expected in the urban areas.

Satellite internet is so involving and could be hard to explain to some people. Getting the internet through satellite is way very modern and the technology involved is expensive. There is a high speed at all times. It is very reliable in all the parts of the world since the satellite that supplies the internet is located just above the earth, but outside it. The fact that the satellite rotates in the same pace and direction as the earth, it maintains its position. The method involved is simple. Opening a page on your computer sends a signal to the satellite which comes back instantly. Using a satellite is the best of methods for rural areas.
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There is also the possibility of using cable internet to get fast and reliable internet. It is long since cable internets began to be used. You can either pass this cables under the ground or stuck them on poles like telephone wires. Your device can only get internet access if it is connected to the cable. This could be a bit affordable since you will only need to pay a certain amount so that cables are connected from the closest station the company has. Afterward you will have to be paying charges for every month you use the internet. Cabled internet is good as it can be regulated and at the time that you are not using it there won’t be a reason to have it on.
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You can use broadband to get internet too. Hot spots are used in broadband to pass the internet. There are three spots in a connection spot; the high spot, the low spot and the non-spot. A hot spot can, therefore, be a good solution for high internet in rural areas.